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A Bronx Tale - Review

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Movie Review: A Bronx Tale

“The choices you make will shape your life forever,” a quote that haunts several characters throughout the movie A Bronx Tale. Calogero (also known as Cee), played by Francis Capra (age 9) and by Lillo Brancato(age 17) , narrates “his” story about growing up in the Bronx, New York in the 1960’s. Cee is faced with many decisions throughout his life that makes it what it is today. Sonny also falls guilty to this quote just like Calogero. At some time during his life he decided to get involved with the MOB. Although it is never said in the movie that they were a part of the MOB, it can just be assumed from other indications. When Sonny decided to make the choice and kill that guy over a “parking space”, it ultimately resulted in his own death.

Director Robert De Niro illustrates what life was like as a kid growing up with influences; the MOB. Within the first few minutes of the movie we get the idea that Cee and his father have a close relationship when they are seen on the bus together. Robert De Niro portrays Cee's father, Lorenzo, a bus driver who's route enables him to keep an eye on his son, and who is consistently at odds with the mobster over his son's future. Throughout the movie there are several instances where they have significant, deep conversations on the bus. His father taught him many of lessons throughout the movie and his family was always there to support him, even though his father despises Sonny. Calogero grows up watching Sonny running the streets with his gang and secretly imitating him. Lorenzo wants the best life possible for Calogero and doesn't want to see him fall into a life of crime or looking up to crime figures. One important one that Calogero witnesses early in life is “It is better to be feared than loved.” Sonny is a prime example of this quote.

One day, Calogero is sitting on the steps to his apartment when the boy witnesses Sonny commit a murder. He honors the code of the streets, and realizes the opportunity he had to make Sonny notice him, so he did not “snitch” and refuses to tell the cops. An appreciative Sonny brings Cee under his wing and a bond soon arises. Sonny takes care of him and introduces the youngster to the comforts that mob connections can bring. Soon, Calogero has two fathers each giving different advice. This was a choice

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