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A Great and Mighty Walk

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Made in 1996, the film A Great and Mighty Walk is made by creator and student of history Dr. John Henrik Clarke, who, interchanges forward and backward between his very own story individual history, and his understandings on the historical backdrop of Africa, Pan- Africanism, the lemon of the social equality and the black power development and his investigative examination of Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March.

Conceived in 1915, Dr. John Henrik Clarke was naturally introduced to a group of tenant farmers that lived in Union Springs, Alabama. Being that he was brought up in a poor enviornment, as most black youngsters his age, his initial tutoring was done in an one room school building that had barely no materials but expected to be used. Regardless, Clarke still turned out to be a remarkable kid inside his initial years and he started to scrutinize the significance of "history" and the way that his people history was mysteriously absent.

Clarke saw that numerous scripture stories from the bible "unfurled in Africa...I saw no African individuals in the printed and delineated Sunday school lessons," he wrote in 1985. "I started to suspect at this early age somebody had misshaped the picture of my kin. In the wake of being told by a white man that he had beforehand worked for that "black people had no history", he started to set out upon 10 years in length research on the torpid history of African Americans and he found that did it exist as well as that it had been unflinchingly hidden by

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