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Assassin’s Creed by Oliver Bowden

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Assassin’s Creed                                         

Assassin’s Creed by Oliver Bowden is an adventure and action story set in North America, The Middle East and Europe. There are 4 main characters Desmond, an assassin, his father and two very close friends.

Desmond was trying to find a very special apple with strong power which is enough to destroy the whole world. So he and his dad and his two friends had a flash back time machine. Another person, Altair was also trying to find the apple which was in Rome. He fought with gladiators and when he found the apple he returned to Pakistan and then he gave it to his uncle after 3 days. The uncle betrayed them and gave the Templars the apple. Altair went after his uncle and killed him, he also built a place underground to hide it and he left a hint for the next assassin generation to find the apple. He also lived there until he died. Desmond went to search for the apple but Altair placed a fake one, Desmond knew it was fake so he went back to his friends and told them. He travelled to Ezio which was in Pakistan and found an assassin named Yusuf whom he gave really powerful weapons and shared with him some important moves and techniques to fight better against the Templars.                                         There was a huge bridge connecting the city and the Templars city and the only way that they could destroy the bridge was using the apple so he went to a history library to find can find it . There he met Sofia who knew about the apple, but she needed more information so that they could get to it. Ezio fought with the Templars, and when he killed one of their leaders, before dying, he told him where the books were and other Templars leaders. Ezio killed all the Templar leaders and he went back to Sofia with all the books. They figured out where the apple was so Ezio went to get it. When he went to the library he found Yusuf dead. In revenge he killed all Templars and destroyed their city and destroyed the bridge. Ezio in the apple in America in a village and died after 3 years.                        There was a kid named Connor who when he was 10, a guy named Charles Lee destroyed the village he lived in. His mom died because his father betrayed them and supported the British. One time he went to the basement and found assassination weapons and a list of British people who were marked to be killed like his father. Conner helped the Americans to fight the British. He went back to the village he found it empty and tracked down Charles lee and killed him, he found the hidden apple and went back to his friends’ to take them there. At the secret place there was a huge door. It opened and he saw two angels. One of them said to not use the apple unless he wanted to ruin the world, but the evil one said trust me. Sadly Desmond activated the apple. Suddenly huge storms and tornados appeared destroying villages and cities. The angel wanted to get her husband back. She became extremely powerful and no one could stop her from doing anything.

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