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Cpcf 1f95 Exams Practice Paper

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Exam Practice

The test will be out of 50 and will have THREE parts:

  1. Multiple Choice: Answer 15 of 15 questions
  • 1 mark each X 15 (15 Marks total)

2. Short Answer (Define and describe significance of term): Choose 2 of 4 Terms

  • 7.5 Marks each X 2 (15 Marks total)

3. Long Answer: Answer 1 of 2 questions

  • 20 Marks each X 1 (20 Marks Total)

The test will begin at 7:10pm and last 80 Minutes

What you need to know:

  1. The title and director of all the films we saw (excluding the Name of the Rose). A working recollection of the content of the sections of the films we actually watched will also be useful (i.e. who was the main character?).
  2. Key terms that are explicitly defined in the lectures. Focus less on “general” term (i.e. market, economy, communication) than on more specific terms you’d not really encountered before (i.e. vertical integration, or network journalism).
  3. The communication and culture commission (esp. Aird and Applebaum- Hebert Committee) (history of development of media and communication policy)
  4. Anyone or anything that came up more than a couple of times during the term.
  5. Dates and general attributes of the major historical periods covered ONLY in week 3 (e.g. Renaissance, Reformation, etc.).

Don’t need to know the dates just the broad term

  • Key terms: definition + examples and/or connection to other term(s) or concept(s)
  •  Numbered “Models,” “Approaches,” etc.
  •  Names of figures that come up more than once.
  •  Broader “narratives” or “trajectories” that have come up again and again in the course.
  • How can you make numerous elements of the course “fit” into the same basic story
  • General studying strategy: (rough, but accurate) definition of concepts + connections
  • General exam strategy: define terms and then “dump” as many discrete points of connection as you can fit in.

Strategies for approaching material:

  1. Ask yourself: what is the general story here and then focus on the two pieces that best tell that story.
  • For example: The Canadian communications/culture Commissions. The first (Aird) and last (Hebert-Applebaum) tell the story, the other two in the middle are less important and thus will probably not be tested.
  • Ditto theories of technology and society, theories of interpreting meaning, etc.

2. Connect Dots between separate weeks and between films and readings

  • What is a good example of the way that journalism is changing?
  • What example did we discuss of the way that private ownership (vs. public ownership) affects a media company?
  • How do the ways we discussed the specificity of media and communication in Canada connect over different weeks?
  • How do the ways we discussed the effect of digitization and the effect of the internet connect over different weeks?

Short Answer

Define and/or describe this term/concept/thing in one or two sentences. In another one or two sentences, identify at least one of the ways in which it been discussed in class (for example, the context for which lecture or the readings discussed this, or an example of this from the course, or a connection to another related term or concept discussed in the course so far). Please double space.

  1. Economic of scale
  2. Representation

Long Answer 

Your answers should be in full sentences. You will be assessed on your how well your answer demonstrates a knowledge of the course material so far, as well as for the clarity and organization of your thoughts. There is no minimum length for this question; but try to include at least three paragraphs that address three separate points. Please double Space 

  1. Media and communication play, and have always played a particular role in the Canadian national culture, politics, and economy….
  2. Out textbook, Mass Communication in Canada, presents an account of the study of media and communication that is deeply aware of the way in which digital media and the internet have led to widespread and fundamental shifts in how we communicate. One place this shift has been a felt with particular intensity is…
  3. (Think historically! How does this issue change over time? What is the “story” of that change? E.g. first there was X, then Y happened, now Z….)

FILMS: multiple choice but can relate to short question

Journalism page one and citizen four (movie name) journalism

Public vs private (network movie)

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