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Critical Analysis: Youth and the Media

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Critical Analysis: Youth and the Media

In “Lessons from Littleton: What Congress Doesn’t Want to Hear about Youth and the Media”, Henry Jenkins describes how violent entertainment is portrayed as a witch. He then continues to explain that something needs to be done about the “cultural pollution” that our teens are exposed to. Due to the many problems with the “scientific” approach to culture it is up to the parents to limit or control what or how much violent media their child takes in. I would have to agree with Jenkins, that steps need to be taken, such as parents taking a stand, greater awareness efforts, and alternative social connections.

First, I would like to emphasize seeing how there are many variables and opinions concerning the definition of “violent” media, that Congress is unlikely to set federal policies to regulate media content. The reasoning behind these series of hearings was to humiliate the entertainment industries and to also stimulate the public. Due to all the circumstances and scenarios based around “violent” entertainment it is hard to distinguish what is considered good or bad for each individual child. Only the parents of that child would know what or how much he/she can handle at any given time. Parents should also indulge themselves in the “popular culture”, and have discussions open mindedly with their child. Also, instead of relying on rating systems, parents should do their own research on the media content their children are exposed to.

Secondly, I agree with Jenkins that we need to incorporate media education within our school curriculums to acknowledge that media literacy is a basic skill. Instead of allowing the entertainment

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