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Effects of Colonialism

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Colonialism has affected my life in an unpleasant way because colonialism caused people of color to be uprooted from our original homeland and white settlers forced my people to forget many of our natural traditions. History has also proven that imperialism has disrupted people of color lives by creating policies that go against our basic rights as humans such as our constitutional rights and our right to be treated equal when compared to other people in America. Nevertheless, as a 20-year-old woman, I believe that there are some benefits to the establishment of the United States colonialism because we certainly need laws and policies that protect us as people. As well as, if there is an area that is struggling to survive and it is taken over by another group of settlers and then that area begins to grow and improve then that area should have been reformed into something better so the people who are going to live there will be able to survive. Unfortunately, the benefits of imperialism in America as it is today is confusing to me because when certain policies are created, typically it means something different for people of color. For example, I don’t have an absolute right to freedom of speech because as a Black woman I have to be extremely careful how I speak to law enforcement. Now, when it comes

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