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Film Analysis

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Every movie beginning needs to be intriguing. In order to catch the audience attention in any aspect, you need to start really well. That will automatically bring certain attention to the viewers so that they follow the story to the end. Otherwise, if the attention hasn’t been caught, there is a risk of losing

potential audience. This is true in most of the cases when speaking about representing something, or creating a fascinating story.

Director Dominic Sena, famous already for his production Gone in 60 seconds, seems to know how to catch someone’s awareness. In his 2001 release “Swordfish”, he implies that idea. The movie begins at a climax point, in the middle of the whole story with a totally misunderstood statement. However the main motifs of the film are implemented there somehow. That’s how most of the movies are created. On the basis of these details, there will be further development of the plot and should explain the whole story. That’s what should keep the audience on its seats and watch till the end.

The main theme that the director puts as a base for his production is the distinction between our normal real world and another artificial world. This leads to some normal perceiving and abnormal. At the same time, the motives about a normal guy feeling love to his family are present. This makes the relation between those sorts of worlds. It emphasizes on the humane feelings amid a father and his child. In our situation, as soon the film starts, through a flashback we’re going back in the story and we find

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