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Friday Arts Reflection

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Fredy Gutierrez

Class Guitar

Dr. Ballard


Friday Arts Reflection

        Friday arts was quite a unique experience, my biggest fear for that night was forgetting the verses to “Five hundred miles.” Fortunately, that didn’t happen because my memory came clutch. Also, I was worried about speeding up because I strongly lack a sense of timing. Typically, I always speed up. I asked Gwen to give me a look every time I began to speed up, but judging by the fact that she didn’t give me a funny look throughout the whole performance I’m assuming that I didn’t speed. I’ve never sang so much of a song in English by myself in front of that many people before. I also had a mini freak out moment in the chorus because I didn’t know if it would be challenging to sing while someone else was doing a harmony over me. I was afraid I’d get lost, but I didn’t. Previously I had done it in Spanish, but doing it in English was a totally different vibe. I spend a whole hour before the performance just singing the song over and over again as I heard D on the practice room beside me also going over our song. I said, “What’s cracking (my form of saying ‘What’s up’) D,” but I don’t think she did due to her lack of reply. Overall it was a great experience, especially with Dr. Ballard cheering us on with is upward swinging arm movement in random parts of the song, my girlfriend was also giving strange facing while I was up there singing. I thinking she was trying to make me laugh while I was up there, that was very evil of her. After the song was over I was looking at the overwhelming amount of positive feedback the whole class got from the audience I really wanted to stay for the rest of the performers, I had to leave and go home. However, I’m sure the other performances were great.

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