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High School Musical (2006)

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Discussion #4

I will first open my discussion question defined If God is Good? According to my reading assignment, (P.149) “God is great, God is good.” If God is all good (omnibenevolent) and all powerful (omnipotent) why did He make a world with so much suffering?

 J. L. Mackie states the case with flair. “If you are prepared to say that God is not wholly good, or not quite omnipotent, or that evil does not exist, or that good is not opposed to the kind of evil that exists, or that there are limits to what an omnipotent Being can do, then the problem of evil will not arise for you.”  Good (Phillips, Brown, Stone street, 2008, p.149).

According to my reading on, good (Phillips, Brown, Stone street, 2008, p.156).the traditional definition of God’s goodness must be reconsidered, primarily by placing God’s “goodness” into different theological perspectives in which God transcends morality. He believes that God is beneath no law or standard (even of “goodness”) to which He must conform. Bible quotes God saying, “I create evil” (Isa. 45:7, KJV)? God is accountable to no one, God’s character defines what he meant by “good.” It simply stated this that Major Premise: Whatever happens is caused by God. Minor Premise Whatever is caused by God is good. Conclusion: Whatever happens (including evil) is good (Phillips, Brown, Stone street, 2008, p.156).

My second discussion question defined (Evil in the World) on (Phillips, Brown, Stone street, 2008.p.163) Biblically; natural evil in the world is a consequence of the decision by man to do moral evil.  “Why did God create a world where evil would exist? ‘To “Why did God create a world that He was planning to redeem?”  On the other hand, this world in which we live, and in which evil seems to flourish, serves as an object lesson of need: “The existence of suffering on this earth is, I believe, a scream to all of us that something is worng.”46.

From my resource preserve of evil in the world a problem for (Atheist)? Atheism affirms evil and denies God. They specific belief that there are no deities, and most inclusively, it is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist. Atheism belief that at least one deity exists.

 Pantheists have a different opinion of evil in the world. ? Pantheism affirms God and denies evil. Pantheists believe God exists but deny the existence of evil. They believe God is good, God is All, and hence there is no evil

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