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How to Make a Short Film

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How to make a short film

Thanks to the advancements of technology, it’s easier to create a video or a movie whether it is a musical, a documentary or science-fiction. The process of filming can be a little tiresome, but it doesn’t compare to the experience you get by making it. In this paper, we’ll explore the process of making an elaborate short film production. Short films are an important method of communication and freedom of expression. They can help promote culture, values, ideologies, and deliver a relevant and influential message.

The beginning of this process is called the development phase. In it you decide what type of genre you’re going to choose: documentary, fantasy, thriller, etc. You have to start planning everything, from financing the whole project to choosing what the actors are going to wear. You have to present the project to the company you are making a deal with, and get the green-light –which is an approbation from the organization that is funding the project- in order to move from the development phase to the pre-production phase. At this stage, the script and financial arrangements are already made, and the crew (director, cinematographer, cast members, among others) is hired. An extremely organized schedule and story boards are created, the set is constructed, the customs are made, and a read-through of the screenplay takes place.

The production phase is the most fun in all this process. Once all the actors have rehearsed you have to set the stage for each scene that you shoot. Take care of the lighting and that everything is in place. You’ll have to shoot a scene multiple times from multiple angles in order to get it right. When all the scenes are filmed, you’ll go straight to the post-production phase. In this stage,

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