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Music Is an Art Form

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“Music is generally perceived as the most universal of all art forms.”

The literal meaning of the word 'music' according to any dictionary is: 'art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds in a harmonious or expressive way.' But music has a meaning which is far broader than this. Music is life. Music means Self-expansion and oneness. It is an art by itself. Art, in any of its forms, is generated by a person, or a group of talented yet usually ordinary people, that express, willingly or not, an opinion regarding present times. It is not a want; it is a need. If you try to imagine yourself without it, you are bound to feel incomplete. For many of us, it has become a necessity of our lives. Music has no boundaries. Music is the expansion of unlimited reality. Everyone has the liberty to express themselves in which ever way they prefer, through music. It is the most universal of all art forms. And we get to confront it on a daily basis.

Music may also involve generative forms in time through the construction of patterns and combinations of natural stimuli, principally sound. Music may be used for artistic or �aesthetic’, communicative, entertainment, ceremonial or religious purposes and by many composers of music, purely as an academic instrument of study. Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence. Elements of sound in music are pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm, scale, notes e.t.c. We can use music to help us in our spiritual life. Music helps the spiritual seeker to go deep within to get the utmost satisfaction from life, from truth, from reality. The spiritual life, in turn, helps music to offer its capacity and its strength, which is the soul’s light, to the world at large. Music helps people speak out their feelings in the most convenient way possible. It reaches your heart and soul and brings out your emotions in open in the most appropriate lyrical style. I, myself listen to fast tracks that have high pitch and scale along with a fast tempo to start my day off in high spirits. Songs like those leave you in a cheery and chirpy mood and charges you up for the rest of the day. Music has no political or national barriers either. Any one can express their feelings in whatever way they like in whatever language that is best suitable to them. Genres like RAP and ROCK are best suitable for such political or national criticisms. Every individual's taste in music varies according to their own language, culture, style, choice and mood. Music consists of various genres for instance; the famous ones being Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip-hop e.t.c. usually what kind of music one listens to depends highly on the mood of the person. You tend to listen to slow songs to sooth your mind, pop or rock songs to energize yourself and lift your spirits up. In fact there have been researches conducted on whether music can define an individual’s personality. It was reported that those who enjoyed music in the Reflective and Complex category, which includes classical, jazz, folk and blues, tend to be inventive, had active imaginations, valued artistic experiences, were tolerant of others, and politically liberal. Individuals who preferred alternative, heavy metal, and rock music were classified in the Intense and Rebellious category. They were inclined to be curious, risk-takers, physically active, and intelligent. Listeners of Upbeat and Conventional music, which includes country, religious and pop music, were outgoing and cheerful, enjoyed helping others, saw themselves as physically attractive, and held conservative views. Energetic and Rhythmic music consisting of funk, hip-hop, soul, and Electronica attracted people who were talkative, energetic, forgiving, and opposed to conservative ideals. They also thought of themselves as physically attractive. Music improves learning in other subjects. Quality music develops aesthetic awareness and sensitivity. It provides a source of enjoyment which enhances the quality of life from early experiences through adulthood and also provides a means for creativity and self-expression. It helps generate a sense of history and cultural heritage and increases understanding of other cultures through music and presents opportunity for visible success and achievement and increases the satisfaction derived from the message conveyed through music and its contents.

Music itself is considered as a language. Music and language are related in many ways. Because music stimulates our sense of hearing, it is clear that music can, and inevitably does, convey information. I consider that music is, by its very nature, has the power to express everything, whether a feeling, an attitude of mind, a psychological

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