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Music in Society

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 Music in Society                                                                        Evan Padron

Music is used in all ways from marriage, war, sports, and even used politically. You might think that this is not true but this essay will make you understand the power of music. For example, your favorite artist says in his song that he doesn’t like broccoli so your mind will instantly connect that verse and make you think that broccoli is bad because the person you look up to said it is bad. This can make a positive impact or a negative impact because it can solve problems as well as cause them.

Certain holidays are associated with specific songs throughout the year. For instance, certain songs are used throughout the Christmas season. Religious songs, Songs about Santa Claus, and songs about the snow are all songs that make people think about Christmas. In Halloween songs that have spooky, eerie, and mysterious feelings that make your bones in your body tremble. This holiday makes people want to dress up as monsters, something funny, or even superheroes. Parties that go on during Halloween play Halloween influenced pop songs. Fourth of July is all patriotic songs and patriotic vibes that come from the people that are listening to the music.

Specific Celebrations call for different types of music. Let’s say that you have a birthday party and people will start singing “Happy Birthday” to you and when you hear birthday songs you get happy and all giddy knowing you got another year older and you are celebrating it with friends and family. Another celebration is Graduation, they play more of a classical genre while you are walking across the stage, while you are sitting in your seat, while others are at the podium presenting a speech, and also after graduation where they play music while you are walking out. At a Wedding, they play multiple genres of music during the walk down the aisle they play the classical type of music that resembles love and unity. After the wedding at the reception they play music that people would want to dance and get involved with.

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