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Problems and Challenges in Their Company

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Problems and challenges in their company

According to what Joe had experienced when he became the ordinary staff during this undercover boss, he realized that some of the stores faced some problems. In this episode, we found two problems that happened in this documentary. The first problem is, when Joe was worked at the store number 3211 at Medford, New York during the night shift with Waqas, there were too much food or bakery items such as doughnuts and loaves of bread go to waste every night because they want to sustain the freshness of their item that will sell to the customers. They will refill those with the news.That wasted food can be used for the charity to the needy. Joe had mentioned that 7-Eleven has a program that gives away sandwiches and bakery items to charities but they have not reaches that store. That problem has let down and upset Joe, also it made him found another way to prevent this case repeat in the future. The second problem that we discovered is the maintenance problem at the store number 23754 at Long Island, New York when he met Laurie as the manager there. There were light out at the backroom in the store which is a lot of stuff were put there. It was very dangerous for their staff safety if they want to take something in there. Also, there were at least four light was out on the sales floor for three week before Joe went there as a worker. They need to fix it as soon as possible because of their customer sense of the issue. When they call the maintenance person, they faced some problem that the maintenance fixes were according to the standard monthly visit and also the priority of the store that that P1 was the highest and P5 was the lowest. Sadly, that store was P5, because of that Joe realized to make his own move and his power as CEO, he called his man to settle up and made the maintenance person to fix it immediately. They are working hard on facilities and maintenance, enable them to put the right fixes in place.

Opportunities to the workers based on the characters above

Entirely persuaded by what he saw and experienced, he wanted to give some appreciation to the workers that he have been met in this special task. Right off the bat, to Dolores, he said that he delighted in investing energy with her amid he works with her. The most that contacted him was all the client that stopped by to the store know her exceptionally well. She was exceptionally kind, well disposed toward the clients and welcomed them pleasantly. Joe attempt to set up a Dolores giver mindfulness program because of her kidney issue. He said that he will get every one of the establishments in the United State and Canada included, it will remind everyone of their clients how imperative to round out an organ benefactor card. It likewise can be a superior opportunity to Dolores of getting an organ. Motivated by Dolores, 7-Eleven has propelled a contributor mindfulness program. The organization additionally gave $150,000 to a kidney establishment in Dolores' respect. As per Phil's ability in illustration, Joe needed to offer him to do some independent work of art for promoting the organization to enable developers to his portfolio. After this program, Phil has been employed as an independent artist by 7-Eleven's advertisement organization. He is building his very own proficient portfolio. For the Waqas cased, who is working while at the same time contemplating, the CEO will take care of him as a tutor and furthermore attempt to assist him with succeeding

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