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Ready Player one - Book Vs. Movie

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“Ready Player One” - Book vs. Movie

There were many things that were altered or completely changed from the book to the movie in Ready Player One. The top three that stood out to me were:

1. The way to acquire the 1st Key was changed drastically. In the book, Wade or better known by his gamertag, Parzival had to defeat Acererak the Demi-Lich in two games of Joust to receive the “Copper Key”. However, in the movie, he wins a race to acquire the egg. Though races are more suspenseful than two characters sitting in front of an arcade machine, I think it would be quite a spectacle to see such a huge character sitting beside Parzival. They could have made it funnier by simply adding an awkward song in the background of a zoomed out scene containing Parzival and Acererak sitting side by side.

2. In the movie, “Anorak’s Almanac” was a physical place rather than a virtual book. The almanac in the movie shows the events which James Donovan Halliday or Anorak had recorded of his life until his death. I think this enhanced the movie as it showed a visual

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