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Slumdog Millionaire Directed by Danny Boyle

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Slum dog millionaire paragraph                            Nicole LeBlanc

The movie Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle is full of personal challenges the characters have to overcome. The protagonist, Jamal Malik an 18 year-old boy from Mumbai, India who struggles right from the get-go facing challenge after challenge while trying to survive in the slums with his brother Salim and his mother. However the challenges he faces in his life time end up getting him out of poverty after he gets chosen to be a contestant on  the tv show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? when he uses his life experiences to answer the questions. Jamal has always been smaller in size, making him an easy target for bullying. He’s dealt with very unfair treatment his whole life from people such as his brother, the police, rioters who killed his mother, and by child traffickers. Living in the slums is one of the first major challenges he has to deal with; growing up in poverty was a major factor leading to the other challenges in Jamal’s and Salim’s life. During an assault on the Muslims where Jamal lived, he watched his mother be beaten to death. Being too young to defend her, Jamal was forced to flee making him feel even more helpless. The boys run into a girl named Latika whom young Jamal instantly clicks with. The three of them have to find a way to fend for themselves in the busy streets of Mumbai. They make money off of stealing and giving fake Taj Mahal tours however they were still in a grave state of poverty. A child trafficker named Maman lured them in by offering food and shelter to them and he then took the trio to his camp. Maman planned to blind Jamal because handicapped children earn double the money when pan handling. However, the two boys escape and left Latika behind which caused great stress to Jamal. Even though Jamal has had many struggles and he and his brother were forced to mature very quickly, he’s kept positive and found a job as a chaiwalla at a call center. To his distress, Salim and Latika both work for a gangster. Salim’s decisions have always been influenced by money which in the end cost him his life. Jamal revolved his life around finding Latika. However, every time he found her she was taken away, he still never gave up and in the end he got his happily forever after with her.

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