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Taxi Driver

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Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorcese is a modern day classic movie. It deals with the subject of alienation. The movie is also somewhat disturbing. It is so because of the time period it takes place in. It takes place during a disturbing time for americans. It is some time after the Vietnam War as well as Nixon’s Watergate scandle. It takes place in an urban region.

The movie focuses on Denero’s character, Travis Bickle. This particular movie focuses more on the psychological craziness of his character. His character is a taxi driver who happens to be a war vet. He is a sort of anti hero type of guy. As a result of his alienation, Bickle lashes out against the world, his enemy.

This movie only reminds viewers of DeNero’s talent. It resurfaces his talent to truly become the character. It is hard for anyone to tell that he is acting rather than just being himself. He is just so convincing. He takes the roll of his characters so well.

The movie does a good job of using visuals to portray what is going on in Travis’ mind. There is one scene where he kills a pimp and, let me tell you, it is very bloody. I think that

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