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The Negative Effects of Mtv on Our Society and Culture

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The negative effects of MTV on our society and culture

What do you think about when you hear the word MTV? Carson Daily counting down the top ten on Total Request Live? Bam Margera doing insane stunts on his new show BAM? How about The Wild Boys chasing alligators and poisonous snakes? MTV has revolutionized and affected the whole world through its negative influence on society and culture.

MTV has in many ways corrupted our youths and American culture with shows such as Jackass, with their dangerous acts of stupid ness, and Marilyn Manson encouraging suicide and murder. One can say MTV is promoting violence. MTV has grown to be a major component in the music industry and its change from video based programming in the past to the television series focused on today has had some major effects on society. MTV is a mockery of American culture. Shows such as The Tom Green Show and The Andy Dick Show display gruesome acts of stupidity. Kids now a day are mimicking these shows and getting hurt or even killed.

Not only is violence a major issue, but sexual content and foul language is a huge part of MTV’s line up. Shows like The Real World and Spring Break fantasies and Making The Band display sexual content and profanity on a regular basis. They make it seem like violence, sex and profanity are ok in our society, like it’s the cool thing to do. There’s no question that TV influences the attitudes and perceptions of young viewers, and MTV is deliberately marketing its raunchy material to millions of innocent children .This is why more parents are not allowing their children to watch MTV or any of their sister channels.

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