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Theater 102 Review for Final

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Review for final exam

Theater class 102

  1. Goodfellas
  • Based on a true story of central character life : Henry Hill
  • Using tracking shot – Walking in Henry’s shoes
  • Academy award : Joe Pesci
  • How Henry betrayed? He breaks the code of silence – O’ Me thus or O Mit
  • At the end -> Henry is in witness protection program
  • Directed by Martin Scorsese
  • Screenplay written by Nicholas Pileggi and code writer Martin Scorsese
  • Using dialogue – True
  • Use flashback to help with position (ex: Brokeback Mountain, Citizen Kane, Singing in the rain, Double Identity)
  • Respect and Reputation, Violence, Tradition and Customs, Family and Loyalty, Power,
  • Genres: Crime Drama
  1. Unforgiven
  • Genres, Sub genres: Dark Western
  • One of 3 win the Oscar for best picture
  • Show violence to go against violence
  • The film that he saw: Taxi Driver
  • Los Angeles, 1922, Gene Hackman
  • Came out 1992
  • 2 other titles before the film release: Caught was killing, William Money Killing
  • Character: Money and Property
  • Director, Lead actor, Produce, author: Gene Hackman
  • Motivate final gun is the death of his buddy – Ned Logan
  • True: discuss myth of the old west, Adjust Redemption, Condense Violation
  • Italian Cast, American Western Style
  • Directed Spaghetti Western? Sergio Leone
  1. Goodwill hunting
  • Drama
  • Written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
  • Robin William – Psychologist
  • True: Pure commitment, Child abuse. False: Sexual abuse
  • Openity scene: Will and John meet, Will use the painting as a weapon
  • John convinced Will Skylar is not perfect by using his wife
  • Last line: Son of a bitch, He stole my life
  • John teaches Will that it’s okay to have emotion risk and Will teaches John the same thing
  • Professor teaches Math
  • Chucky reacts when Will said that he wants to work in the construction forever: He pissed and wanted Will to do something else and get out of the construction
  • Will go to California to find his girl
  1. Brokeback Mountain
  • Genre: Neo Western / Romantic Drama
  • Based on the true story of Annie Proulx – who wrote the short story
  • Directed by Ang Lee
  • Calderite – Cheaper, the film costs so little to make
  • In what symbolic place that Jack hides his shirt? In his closet
  • Tag line use to advertise – Love is the force of nature
  • Jack and Ennis go all the time
  • How does Jack kill? He beaks his out lame onto a wrong person
  • Does the wife know? Both know
  • When Anne visits Jack parent, does Jack father give shirt? No – He refuses to take the scatter, he describes his relationship
  • Why Anne keep rebuffing Jack?

+ Afraid of being murder

+ Afraid of exposed sexual abuse

+ He cannot help the world keep inside him

  • Themes: Sexuality, Repression, Intolerance, Manliness and Masculinity, Memory and the Past, the power of love: true, Gay rides: False
  1. Lone Star
  • John Sayles – Written, Directed, Screenplay, Edited
  • Kolas kills Charlie Wade
  • Exposition used flashback
  • Narrator
  • Of all the theme, 2 stands out: Borders and Buried history
  • Genre: Neo Western/ Murder mystery
  • Man, shots violation
  • Camera works: pan one side to the other side, never change place only change time
  • Rewrite history: no, Challenge a pot: no, Both stand wrong: no, Murky: Yes.
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