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Why Does Rap Contain So Much Anger and Explicity

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Rap Music Feel and Content

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Why Rap Music has too much Anger and Explicit Content

Rap music is famous for its posterity of containing too much anger and being explicit. There are a variety of reasons why the music genre is characterized by anger and explicit content. For this reason, rap music attracts a lot of critics. The expression of anger and utilization of explicit rap music in the American society is tainted as a thing for the African Americans and often labelled a critical factor influencing violence and crime in African American zones (Weitzer & Kubrin, 2009). Notably, rap music has too much anger and explicit content due to the facts that it moves very fast, involves the representation of social injustices and deprivation and also counterculture orientation.

First, rap music appears to be aggressive since it moves faster than other genres such as pop music. The rap music speed makes it come out in an aggressive tone. Although, the lyrics maybe close to different genres, rap music has its setting especially rap speed which is confused for aggressiveness. According to Richardson and Scott (2002), the style and setting of rap music results in the easy to decode anger and explicit content more than any other music genre. Notably, in other music genres, such aggressiveness does not come out openly as in the case of rap music. It is for this reason that rap music is labelled as containing too much anger and explicit content although it would be different if such lyrics are delivered in other music genres.

Secondly, rap music is also different from the thematic expression of other genres as it represents deprivation and social injustices. It is thus singled out as containing too much anger and explicit content since it openly criticizes social wrongs and unequal opportunity. In history, the issues of unequal opportunity and deprivation are hardly addressed. Weitzer and Kubrin (2009) identify that rap music has its legacy from the frustration of the minority and it serves as a way of expressing their concern rather than a pretense for anger and explicit attacks. More so, rap music focuses on straight criticism of unfairness and injustices which has gone on for generations. The foundation of rap music often raises the imbalance between frustrated expression and criticism against anger and the use of explicit content.

Finally, rap music is a form of entertainment just like other music genres which has its origin to a counterculture where explicit language is a normality. In comparison to other genres such as pop and rock music, the same aspects for instance in music videos and emotional expression are evident (Richardson & Scott, 2002). The anger expression and use of explicit content constitute the core of the rap music genre relative to delivering a different form of entertainment from the usual music entertainment. It is thus a misstatement of facts that rap music contains too much anger and uses explicit facts rather than a form of entertainment that flourishes in its own culture and style.

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