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An Ethical Delemma 1 “no Such Thing as a Free Drink?”

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“No such thing as a free drink?”

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Answers for the questions

  1. Who is wrong in this situation- your friend for undercharging you, you for accepting it, both of you, or neither of you?


Both me and my friend did wrong. what my friend did was against the ethics demanded by his job and i did wrong by accepting what was offered by him. Of course, I can understand why my friend is doing this, but still both of us are being unethical in this scenario. This may cause him to do more of the wrong thing which might make him lose his job. At the end of the day he is their employee and if the employer misbehaved with him he can leave the job which is not an option for him as he needs the money. So, he should follow the rule set by the bar even if he does not want to.

  1. Confronted by this situation, how would you handle it? Do nothing or ask your friend to stop undercharging you? If you take the latter option, what would you do if he refused?


I will ask my friend to stop undercharging me mainly because of two reasons, first of all I don’t want him to get into any kinds of troubles because of me and the second reason is that it is troubling my conscious. And about the second part of the question, if he refuses am not going to argue with him because for me my friend is more important. But I will let him know about the fact that am not preferring undercharging and I recommend him to stop this as his job is very important to him.

  1. To what extend do you think that being deliberately undercharged is different from other forms of preferential treatment, such as serving you in front of other waiting customers?


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