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Introduction to 10 Bulls

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I found this reading of Zen to be very awakening and educational. Previously I always thought of Zen and Buddhism as one in the same. I myself am very much a Christian so I never wanted to study Zen. I now see that Zen can live on its own and is not anti-Christian in its teachings. In fact my opinion is that it teaches many of the same things Christ himself proposed (i.e. Material possessions do not matter, giving to others, peace, truthfulness, honest).

The approach I took to this exam was to interpret the 10 bulls in my own words. I hope I fulfilled your expectations. The assignment really made me think of each image more deeply than just reading it without having to also write about it.

To summarize I see the bull as enlightenment but this term can be hard to define and mean different things to different people. I see it as a state of happiness, content and peace with oneself; a comfort with your place in the universe and a deep, rich understanding of life and the

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