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Plato Reading Summary

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        In Plato’s dialogue called the Timaeus, Plato discusses the origin and construction of the cosmos. He points out varieties of arguments that the philosophers were confused and with a purpose to educate everyone to the existence of every little thing in the universe. For instance, he claims that there are four elements, everything is created with a purpose, and Demiurge is the Creator of the universe. Plato also argues against the idea of Aristotle that nature can’t do anything because there is still a force that makes things happen. The claims and arguments are written below precisely why Plato had such a profound impact.

        The properties that Plato attribute to the cosmos are mathematics, geometry, and harmony where Plato believes that the universe is created for a purpose. The cosmos have those properties, because Plato said that everything is acted purposively not by nature which makes it easier to grasp the idea of the cosmos and how different natural phenomena can occur. Plato had one thinking in mind that was not going to change and for him there are other aspects rather than just philosophy and history. Geometrical Atomism is one of the most primary property that Plato focus on the most because he thinks that the earth is measured through different types of triangles and they each has a reason behind their appearance. Plato’s Timeaus clearly points out that the universe is just one, where God set everything out with its own purpose. Even though cosmos contains only one universe, there are still questions if it is true or not, but later it was proven during the scientific revolution. Plato’s entire purpose on focusing the solids and triangles is to see the world from a different perspective. There are four elements that Plato claim that the cosmos contains which are earth, water, air, and fire. The reason why these elements are part of the cosmos because it is theoretically proven that without these elements the universe won’t exist since God made everything. The cosmos is  in spherical shape because it is possible to calculate the ratio of the cosmos and also for each solid, the sphere is touched easily. The cause why Demiurge geometrically construct fire, earth, air, and water because he had a divine mind to keep everything equal and without these four elements, it is impossible to make the universe a better place. Demiurge had helpers which helped him to make the universe a place that will always remain the same in all the aspects of life. Demiurge choose the geometrical structures so that even human being can understand the concept of triangles and how they play a big role in making the universe. Demiurge has no emotions unlike the other gods because he is known as a craftsman, who wants to do a better job and excels from it rather than be emotionally connected with the souls.

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