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Unprotected Sex

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Sexual intercourse is something that interests teens due to hormones, especially in boys. Saying that, most people experience sex eventually in their lives. It isn’t bad to do so, but protection is something that is very important. Unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy and STIs/ STDs such as herpes or gonorrhea. STDs can even be transmitted through a very popular form of sex known as oral sex. The most popular forms of sex are oral, anal, and vaginal, which all can lead to diseases if not properly protected.

Not all STDs are visible which is one thing that must be known because most young people see something and think it looks fine when in reality they have a contagious STD. Another reason why unprotected sex is very common is because it “feels better” than using a condom. People overlook the dangers of this, you could end up with a child for the rest of your life because of a one night stand. The pullout method is also very common, but some people think pre-cum doesn’t get you pregnant, that is a myth, any form of sperm can cause pregnancy.

Some people believe that there is a “safe”time on a woman’s menstrual cycle which is not true, you never no when you are ovulating and when your egg drops etc. Some people try to counteract pregnancy with birth control which can cause major effects

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