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Adam Yates, Orica-Greenedge, Solution for France De Tour 2016

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Hao Cao

23 September 2016

ENGL 205

Adam Yates

        As a young professional cyclist from United Kingdom, Adam Yates was born in 7 August 1992. In 2014, Adam Yates turned to professional cyclist and joined ORICA-GreenEDGE Team. The ORICA- GreenEdge Team is an Australian professional road race cycling team, it competes on the UCI World Tour. According to the ORICA-GreenEdge Team, they state, “Adam Yates is one of the most promising young climbers in the international peloton, Adam has quickly settled into the professional ranks. The British rider, twin of teammate Simon Yates, claimed his first WorldTour victory at the Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian in 2015 and will look to play a major part in the pointy end of Tours during the 2016 season”. He is a young professional cyclist but he also participated in many racing events and achieved a lot of medals. He achieves 1st places in GP Industria and Artigianato, also 1st place in Tour of Turkey – General Classification in 2014. On 1 August 2015, Yates took his biggest victory to date by winning the Clásica de San Sebastián after attacking on the final climb as leader Greg Van Avermaet of BMC was involved in a crash with a race motorcycle, and holding off the chasers on the descent into San Sebastián. In the confusion after Van Avermaet's crash Yates did not realize he had won, so did not initially celebrate when crossing the finishing line. In 2016, Yates is selected to the race 2016 Tour de France. He got 4th place Overall Tour de France and 1st place in Young rider classification.

        As a rider that participate in Stage 12 in 2016 Tour de France, Adam Yates also knows about the pressure and challenge in the tour.

        As one of the rider in the Tour de France during the summer of 2016, Gregory Rast was also on the track of the Stage 12. Just like any other rider, he can feel the pressure of the fan pushing into the race path, given competitors little to no room for their technique for going up hill. More regulation on the spectator should be done, like: putting fences around the race path for the whole stage instead of just the final kilometer (Tour de France is the most popular race for biker around the world, of course there is a lot of money just for the race itself so why not use the money to maximize the protection between the competition and the audience). As for the journalists who wanted to broadcast the race for their channel for audience across the globe, they need to follow the rule if they planned to go right along with the racers. As vehicles used by these journalists like motorcycles and cars, they need to give room for bikers. Just like in the Tour de France Stage 12, the crowd is closing up the path, standing right next to the racers themselves, given no room for the bikers but now there are motorcycles side by side along the path; the path is already small but now there is no room for the racers to go except slam right into the back of the journalist’s motorcycle. Not only the accident jeopardizes the record of the racers themselves but also given unfair advantage to those whom were not close to the accident, given more time for those who were behind the leader, and so they were able to catch up or even pass the one who suppose to be the winner. With the advance of technologies during the event, journalists could use cameras like Go Pro and attach them to the front and back of the racers’ bikes. With this method, they could still get live images for the TV to broadcast and they didn’t take up any path for the racers to compete. More regulations need to be lay down on the audience and the journalists just like any other sports, those who compete are always more important than the others, so they need to receive as much rights as they can like the room for them to perform.

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