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Athc 4060 - Athletic Psychology

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DeSean Keys

Major Project

ATHC 4060

                                                           Major Project

Within every sport there are issues that rise amongst people and as time progresses and people gain a since of pride in their skills and abilities.  When this happens there comes bickering, arguments and strife that need to be handled with direct approaches.  As a coach we must seek to enhance our teams, while working to promote teamwork and cohesiveness.  The best way to achieve this goal is by working to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the work experience of students, that find themselves needing to learn proper ways to interact with others.

I will be outlining a player retreat, which can be used for a basketball team for children 8-12 years of age.  This should be for players of the same skill set, that way they can learn through the activities to become a full unit and work together.  Each activity throughout the player retreat will increase in intensity and allow players to work together and achieve common goals.  Once a level on comradery is made, the next step will be to put the skills onto the court and see teamwork throughout the playing of each player. This will require each player to be comfortable and work together.

Before coming to the overnight retreat all player will need to leave all outside communication devices in a box or not bring them.  This will allow all attention to be focused on the activities and force players to work together. There are 3 steps of this program. The steps of the program are as follows: teamwork, individualized technique, and cohesiveness. Each step allows player to learn a different aspect that will increase the productivity of the team, and teach team members how to hide each others weaknesses while showcasing their strengths. By doing this in the beginning, the team will work better together.

During the teamwork stage of the program, players must work together to learn about each other.  When players learn about each other, it will be easier for them to work together and become one on the field as they work towards being an unstoppable force. Activities should include games with the ball that are discussion based.  Learning where each other are from, plan to go, and goals are great when getting to know someone.  Some examples of games would be: name toss, hidden facts, favorite player and why, and favorite playing position.

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