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Case Study of St. Peter

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Lynn Kramer        

Final Exam MNS 228

Pastoral Counseling

Case Study of St. Peter the Apostle

Who is he?

Peter is an elderly man, short in stature with very curly hair and beard.  He is a very passionate man, but at times is considered arrogant, boasting and a man of rash action. He is a man of impulse and childlike simplicity mixed with much insecurity and at times tends to say things, or take on jobs or says yes to many things and acts before he thinks.

Where is he from?

Peter was born in Bethsaida.  He is married and settled in Capharnaun, a town on Lake Genesareth. He owns a home, and is the soul supporter of his family which includes his wife, children and his mother in law.  Peter and his brother Andrew have a successful fishing business and own their own boat.

What is his presenting Problem?

Peter comes to me today, because he has been feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and has a lot of guilt which is causing him a lot of anxiety.  He is having on going panic attacks.  He feels he has many decisions that he needs to make, and he feels he is not worthy enough, or educated enough to make these huge decisions.   He has been offered a position of authority with a Man named Jesus who his brother calls the Messiah. Jesus is calling him to be the leader, as he will not be here physically and will need a strong man to continue his mission and continue to build his church.  Peter does not how to handle this promotion.   If he takes this new position, he will have to leave his home, family and the business that he and his brother own.  This is causing him anxiety because how does he pick up and leave everything.  How will his family survive on their own, how will he go on this journey to build churches and teach those to follow Jesus, through his word. He has had some issues when asked if he knew Jesus, he denied knowing him and betrayed his trust. Now he feels that Jesus is asking him to do be one of his Apostles, but he feels he is a failure and that he will fail.

What type of Counseling will I use:

 I have decided to use  Christian counseling as my Choice of therapy, due to the fact, that Peter is a faith filled man, and is searching for help in managing this problem, by prayer and his belief in God and his acceptance of what his faith and the scriptures teach. He believe that the bringing of truth of the Scriptures to bear upon the problems in his life.

This therapy involves of empathetic listening, discerning insight and practical strategies as well as the careful application of the Word of God used in the situations presented to the counselor. It involves a significant relationship with a genuine, compassionate individual. Together the client and the counselor seek truth within the context of faith and then learn to apply such truth to daily living.

What possible goals?

The goals for this session would be

  1. To help Peter find a way to accept the forgiveness given from God is all that is needed.
  2.  Too focus with Peter that Christ is all loving and to focus and journal about the ways Christ has forgiven him in other ways. What is the reason that he is unable to accept God’s love.
  3.  Have him keep a prayer Journal and write down what is happening at the moment he feels overwhelmed or feels anxiety.
  4. In this journal, have him make a list of the pro’s and con’s of leaving and following Jesus or why he should stay.
  5. Keep a journal, or writings of his fears of why or not this job is for him, and what way would becoming one of Jesus apostle, be of.
  6. Pray with Client if permission is given
  7. Have client find scripture readings that show him ways to accept forgiveness.
  8. Have a meeting with wife to discuss her fears of him leaving?

Possible Goals for the symptoms he is experiencing.


Peter: I come today for advice as I feel very overwhelmed, and fearful, and each time I try to make a decision, I begin to have severe anxiety, and push it to the side and do not face what needs to be faced .  

Lynn: Ok now let me see if I am understanding you. You say you feel overwhelmed, and fearful and are having severe anxiety.  May I ask what do you feel is making you feel overwhelmed, is it one issue or different issues.

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