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Catch Me If You Can

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If I can relate my experience on this movie, it was the printing of the mass produce of check by frank, way back then it was our family business that we have a printing press with offset machine Heidelberg brand where in it prints on a mother size paper and it’s the same as we seen in the movie, I handle that business for 4-5 years after my father has passed away, I’ve been there for 24/7 operation and there it will develop your eye muscle memory when you always with different kind of papers and how it will be printed you almost master every inch of how it was printed and check it meticulously before it was delivered to clients and in the movie frank became part of FBI where in specializing in check fraud.. and in printing business also I encounter duplication of gift certificates and vouchers where both are good as cash but there are people who misleads it thru duplication in printing that’s the other side of their business issues.

Some lessons:

This is not an article to condone the acts of fraud, wrongful impersonation or escaping the FBI, it does however recognize that if the same skill set were applied in a positive way, your life may be on the big screen. Frank abagnale jr. at the age of 21 had forged 2.5 million dollars in checks and traveled the country posing as pilots, doctors, and lawyers with less than a high school education. How?

Confidence is key. The first time frank boarded a plane he was impersonating a pilot he had never ever been to an airport so how the hell did he successfully dupe a plane full of flight professionals? He acted like he was supposed to bethere, even his gut was churning on the inside, outwardly he projected unshakable confidence, when in doubt , fake it till you make it.

Experience is not match for resourcefulness. Frank abagnale jr. impersonated some of the most educated careers in America without a fragment of background education, but he had an

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