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How Divorce Effects Children

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The majority of people today consider divorce just a separation, although the true meaning is much deeper then that. The actual dictionary definition of divorce is defined as, “the legal termination of marriage (Health of Children).” In today’s society divorce is much more then what “the majority think” and a line of words in a dictionary. Over the past decade divorce is on an all-time high. Over fifty percent of marriages are being terminated, and this rate has risen substantially over the past thirty years. Yet many people just think of divorce as two people splitting up because they do not get along with each other. Well what about the other factors? Sixty-one percent of divorced couples have children that cope with divorce as well. Divorce is a struggle many kids have a difficult time going through in life, and situations can become overwhelming at times. Many children possess their own qualities, but when being a victim of their parents’ divorce many kids are impacted by having their emotional state spiral out of control and develop new destructive behavior.

First off, divorce puts an impact on both the suicide risk of children and psychological ills. Children have their ups and downs with divorce but some children take it to the next level by inflicting pain on themselves, to the point where suicide becomes a factor. It is specifically stated in an article by Maggie Gallagher, “Only divorce rates were consistently associated with suicide and homicide rates. Family instability or disruption is one of the leading causes of suicide (Children of Divorce).” Throughout many pieces of literature written about divorce, over and over again it is said that children always repeat in their mind, “what did I do, why did I make mom and dad spilt up?” This causes the self-inflicting pain to come into play, because children feel they are some how the cause to their parents divorce. It is also states in an article bye Hilda Rodriguez and Chandler Arnold that, “Children from disrupted families show an increased risk of accidents, injuries and poisoning, and elevated scores for health vulnerability in comparison to those living with both biological parents (Children and Divorce).” The rates for increased injury are about 20-30% greater for divorced families due to the fact children feel hurt and this is a way to release the pain they are feeling. These “accidents” may not always be accidents, sometimes they are self-inflicted by the children themselves. Lastly, “More suicidal thoughts and attempts to commit suicide due to children experiencing so many different feelings are common” (The Effects of Divorce on America pg. 8). Children need to learn that they are not the cause to the actual problem but they do believe they are and this leads them to certain emotions that are not healthy for them. Children’s emotions come into role in divorce and play a key factor in psychological ills. “Most children are moderately to severely distressed when their parents marriage comes apart…some can suffer long-term harm…variety of emotions including fear, loneliness, guilt and anger (Families Facing Divorce pg. ).” Children do not comprehend what has just happened and they tend to withdraw and become much more independent. They become unhappy and depressed, less outgoing, have fewer friends. Although in some cases children become more aggressive and anxious. “Psychological counseling may also be needed to help the child understand and cope with the divorce (Health of Children).” Also reported, 2.7% of children living with both biological parents to an 8.8% for children living with formerly married parents have received professional help for emotional problems of divorced children (Children and Divorce pg. ). That is a near 5% increase. This stat goes to show children whose parents are going through a divorce are much more emotional and have psychological ills. Above listed are several different qualities children of divorced parents cope with on a daily basis. It is made clear that divorce affects children and impacts their suicidal risk and psychological ills.

Second off, the child’s new destructive behavior becomes evident through his or her actions and behavior in school due to their parents divorce. Abusing drugs, alcohol, and starting sexual interaction all become involved in the child’s new life style. First, in an article found, a researcher states 44% of children of divorce said, “I was alone a lot as a child (“Children of Divorce”).” One senior at Parkland High School was interviewed and when asked what she felt when her parents did get a divorce, and how it affected her she replied saying this: “My parents got divorced when I was real little so it never had a real strong emotional impact on me, but it did leave open much room for freedom. My mom I think always felt bad that I didn’t get to see my dad as much as

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