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Personality Patterns and Vurnerabilities

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The topic that caught my attention the most is about the Personality patterns and  vurnerabilities. That topic that really riled up my interest is about the weakened intrapsychic defenses. I once remembered hearing this particular topic once in our Theory of Personality subject wherein Sir Oliquiano talked about the different ways that our inner defense mechanisms are triggered and how we deal with the difficulties in our lives.

There are like fifteen common defense mechanisms in total namely Denial, Regression, Actingout, Dissociation, Compartmentalization, Projection, Reaction, Formation, Repression, Displacement, Intellectualization, Rationalization, Undoing, Sublimation ,Compensation and lastly Assertiveness. Repression, is forgetting painful or dangerous thoughts; denial, refusing to admit the unpleasant reality; Rationalization, Justifying or Substituting socially acceptable reasons; projection, transferring unacceptable motives or impulses to others and regression, which is responding to a threatening situation in a way that you would at an earlier age. The defense mechanism that I found the most interesting and one of the one’s that I often encounter with people around me is displacement. Displacement is substituting a less threatening object for the original object of impulse.

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