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Psychological Disorders

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The top three criteria for determining psychological disorders are deviance, maladaptive

behavior, and personal distress.

How one defines normal depends on the society one lives in. Although every

Culture has ideals of what they consider normal behavior, these ideals vary from one

Culture to another . When someone deviates from their respective cultures ideal of normal ,

They may be labeled mentally ill. The book gives the example of transvestic fetishism, where

A man is sexually aroused by dressing in women clothing. While this is seen as abnormal in

Our society, in some cultures it’s normal.

When someones everyday adaptive behavior is impaired they are often said to have

A psychological disorder. The book gives the example of substance use disorders. This is the

Key factor in the diagnosis of substance use disorders.When a persons drug and/or alcohol

Use begins to interfere with their job performance or social functioning, a substance use disorder exists .


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