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Jason Marino


This series was quite the unexpected. First with a title like Quicksand one would think that it had to do with forest jungle sand being stranded but no all the contrary it is a well plotted, well written great actors in it to tell a story of a young lady and a young man who have a turbulent relationship with themselves and with their parents.

Mia is the girl in question she and Sebastian the male are 18 years of age high school seniors in their last semester of high school. Sebastian a very affluent young man with a very powerful father very rich and arrogant has a volatile relationship. The mother of Sebastian is out of the picture the father had no use for her as he told his son Sebastian that the trash has to be thrown out this is how he referred to Sebastian’s mother. Sebastian had many of his father’s traits as well. Sebastian used drugs, drank too much, partied way too much, struggled with academics not that he could not accomplish but more that he didn’t apply himself to defy his father. The only way Sebastian got attention was of the negative type.

Mia was a plain jane type girl very smart an A student her family was intact, mother, father little sister. Mias parents seemed a bit detached but that may just be the European style of parenting to allow their children at a certain age to sleep over with the opposite sex, drink, do drugs come and go as they wish with no curfew. Mia’s mother in particular was very odd in her parenting skills never asking key questions to Mia as to how are things, anything of interest you want to ask me or speak about, you look troubled nothing of the sort ever came out of Mias mother.

Amanda was another key character in the series she was Mias best friend from little. Amanda and Mia were always at the same parties, vacationed together, shopped together, and had no secrets between them. Amanda dated Sebastian’s friend so they were always double dating etc.

Dennis is the drug dealer in the series who is the one who is always providing the drugs for the parties that Sebastian holds. To the point that Dennis tells Mia at a pivotal part of the series that if he does not sell to Sebastian the good stuff he could die and he would lose money in the interim and who better than him to look out for Sebastian wellbeing since Mia was trying to break up with him anyway.

Shaid was an Indian poor kid in the circle of friends as well who was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to attend this very prestigious school in order to advance his future that also had a very large crush on Mia. Mia and Shaid were very academically competitive; they were both very academically smart. Sebastian made fun of Shaid because he did not come from money his parents were here from their country where they had prestigious position in society but here they did not and had to settle for lesser jobs. Sebastian made sure to remind Shaid where his place was and how privileged he was.

Mia was realizing that Sebastian was out of control how he treated people, his bias regarding status in society Sebastian was becoming his father. On Mias 18th birthday Sebastian made a spectacle of himself at Mias birthday bash her family gave her he was drunk and high. Sebastian and Mia returned to Sebastian’s home they starting arguing when Mia approached him and told him what was wrong with him and his behavior. Sebastian did not like that and slapped Mia and proceeded to rape her she quietly after Sebastian passed out started packing her belongings to leave just then Sebastian’s father arrived at the house and proceeded to tell Mia there was nothing further he could do for Sebastian and that neither could she and she should just go. Sebastian had tried to commit suicide and his father went on with his cruise to go diving without any concerns about canceling his trip or visiting his son. Sebastian

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