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At this point in the semester, I have had a very positive experience within this Health Psychology course. I like that it isn’t your typical class where we sit, while the professor gives their lecture. I find that it’s harder for me to obtain the material when I am just sitting there, staring into space. I love that as a class we are encouraged to communicate and voice our outlooks on health. Because we are engaged in active communication, it makes it a lot easier for me to concentrate.

 I have found that it’s easier for me personally to be active in class. I like being an active communicator, but it’s usually difficult because the class setting doesn’t encourage the open communication. I’ve noticed that we do a lot of group talking along with full class discussion. That makes it easier for me to become comfortable talking because I am getting to know my peers, instead of sitting there like, “well I don’t know any of these people, so I rather not speak up at all.”

         I think because health in general isn’t just defined as a physical thing makes it pretty interesting. As a nursing major, I think anything to do with health is pretty intriguing. It’s crazy to think that health isn’t just in the way we look or feel. Health is also defined in how we think and where we live. There are so many aspects to health, we can talk all day about what defines health. That TED video we watched really got me think too. I mean our society is always bashing people about looking a certain way, being quote “healthy”, yet the food we should be eating is very expensive, while crap food is easily accessible.

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