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Social Facilitation

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Isabel Salazar


Psychology 101

8th November 2018  

                                                        Writing Assignment #2


           Social facilitation is the concept that working with others can enhance your work performance because you are driven by their presence. For example in a rowing team you see multiple people on a boat and usually people are encouraged to row faster when their with a group rather than when they are rowing themselves. This concept can occur in many other examples when being involved in a team or having to work with others. Usually people tend to be encouraged to perform better when they are surrounded by others that have the same goals and ambitions.  The arousal always favors the dominant response in someone tho.  This can go both ways tho, it can either enhance performance or impair it. Just depends on how well an individual responds is to what is being performed. So if the response to a certain situation is easy, well learned, and obtained then the performance is enhanced because  it is good. If the the response being asked is hard and not understandable the response becomes poor and therefore impaired. Robert Zajonc presented a model of his theory explaining all of these concepts. He predicted that all animals as well as humans are predisposed to being aroused by others presence. As well as the way someone responds to the response.

       Being a nursing major social facilitation will be put into my career because I will be working with a team of people at all times. With that being said, since I will be surrounded by many such as other nurses, doctors, physicians and more, my work performance will always be enhanced. I will always want to do better and be the best if I’m being surrounded by other strong and intelligent people that have the same motive as me. I think that if I’m gonna be working in a hospital my teammates presence will always encourage me to want to work as hard or even harder than them to be on top. It’s competitive so I think my arousal will become high not just as an individual but also because I would want the whole team as a whole to be the very best it can be. Having coworkers and especially working at a hospital I feel like everyone could feed of each other to learn something new everyday, which pushes people even more towards their goals. If we were to perform surgery on a patient, being surrounded by the whole team would make each individual want to work harder to reach a successful and healthy surgery. So it can go either way too, my performance can either be impaired or enhanced it just all depends on how I response to a certain task. But I definitely feel that working with other people that are as driven as me will help me have a successful nursing career.

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