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There are many psychological disorders that we have studied through the years. The categories for most of them are anxiety, personality, and dissociative disorders. The one that has helped identify the majority of criminals is antisocial personality disorder. This disorder is one that develops early in people, as early as the age of three, and as stated before can lead the person to become a criminal. However, if the person who has this disorder is raised well he could end up being a hero of some type. In other words this affliction can be a boon or a bane.

There are very clear signs that allow others to know what is going on with the person in question. Although, to many people with proper knowledge on this disorder’s signs, many people, especially those in denial, ignore these signs. The signs include being impulsive, uninhibited, unconcerned with social rewards, and low in anxiety. The way the child who shows these signs is raised determines what the child could end up being like.

If the child is raised well, then he may become a hero, adventurer, or a star athlete. The child’s impulsiveness may allow him to give “a hundred and ten percent” when he is working either in a job or while doing school work. His uninhibited nature may allow him to be vocal and in turn will make him charismatic. He may be willing to give anything to those he loves and possibly those in his community. Lastly, the child retains his levels of anxiety which allows him to work much better in certain situations than others who get very anxious in the same situation.

Of course if this child did not have the best upbringing, there may be an adverse effect on the child. The impulsiveness can cancel out any morals he or she had. Their lack of inhibitions makes

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