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The Cost of Childhood

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Kilmartin 1

Rhyan Kilmartin

Mrs. Lawrence 

English 10 Per 4

27 April 2016

The Cost of Childhood

From fake tans, to fake hair, to fake teeth. Is this what we want to teach young

generations? Everyone likes beauty. But have child beauty pageants gone too far? These pageants can cause a number of different negative effects. They create misperception of beauty, early sexualization of the child, and can cause negative psychological effects later in life. Which is why I want to ban child beauty pageants.

Misperception of beauty is a major part of what's wrong. Layers apron layers of make-up is applied to these young girls' faces and bodies. 'The choreographer demanded that they "paint on abs."'(Cartwright). Mothers of these children actually encourage using this and other fake items; such as, fake hair, nails, and even breasts. All this is teaching these young girls that they aren't truly beautiful without having the items.

Another thing is early sexualization of the child. "Just last summer, Jours Aprés Lunes, a French clothing company, started a new line of children's 'loungerie' - thin, revealing undergarments, which are marketed for girls as young as 3 months old."(Morgan). We may not be seeing mothers encouraging this. Yet we do see them encouraging their daughters to strut in small bikinis and dance in two piece costumed dance numbers. Don't we want the girls to hold onto their childhood for as long as they can?

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