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Francis of Assisi's Peacemakers' Camp

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Maegan Brown

Religion C

May 15, 2017

Ms. Bell

Service Reflection

        This past summer I completed my service hours at St. Francis of Assisi Peacemakers Camp.   I have been serving as a volunteer for this cap since 5th grade. This camp means a lot to me because I get to connect and build relationships with these kids.  For some of these kids this camp is the only thing they get to do that summer. So being at this camp help me beware of how grateful I should be for all the things I have and to help the kids feel safe.  During these two weeks, you learn a lot about your group of kids. They look up to you and you build a strong bond with them.

Francis of Assisi's Peacemakers' Camp is a two-week camp that takes place at St. Francis of Assisi School and Church in Baltimore City.  Peacemakers’ Camp at St. Francis is a half-day camp for elementary school students ages 5 through 10 from the Coldstream-Montebello-Homestead area of Baltimore City. Many of the students who attend the Peacemakers’ Camp are from families who are financially distressed and cannot provide three daily meals or safe and consistent childcare while their children are not in school. This Camp provides a wholesome and healthy breakfast, lunch and take-home snacks every day, a safe and fun environment, and great role models for the children. The camp starts of with breakfast at 8:30 and campers head home at 12:45 with a bag of snacks for the day.

The children transition to three stations during the morning: Bible Study/Religious Instruction, outdoor sports & games and Crafts.  Outdoor sports and games take place in the park across the street. On rainy days, we play in the Church Hall. On the last day of the camp, campers and counselors will visit Beaver Dam to enjoy swimming and a picnic at one of the park pools and pavilions. This camp, with the Beaver Dam trip, is the highlight of the summer for these kids. The children in this camp benefit greatly from the nutritious meals, creative crafts, learning about great bible stories, learning how to play organized, creative games in teams and by seeing and interacting with positive young men and women.

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