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Hate Crimes

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A hate crime is a crime motivated by sexual, racial, cultural, or any other prejudice and in most cases involving acts of violence. On the 5th of September 2017 in the UK, a single mother of four woke up early in the morning like she routinely does only to find her car’s back window smashed in and spray painted with obscene language. The Muslim woman wakes up at 3 am everyday so that she can manage to maintain her two jobs. In the sight of this atrociousness, she immediately called the Durham police and reported the incident multiple times but they delayed response until they decided to investigate it as a hate crime. A spokesman for the Durham Regional Police, David Selby, explained that the case wasn’t escalated because the initial information that they get in most cases, looks like a lower-mischief since it’s only damage to a car, but later on when they determined that there could be other factors involved like hate crime, is when they started responding with an officer attending. This woman had lived in that neighborhood for nine good years. Her eldest daughter always walked to school due to her early morning routine and left her other children alone at home but after that execrable crime, she was left scared for her family’s safety so afraid that asked the news to keep her anonymous because she feared that she would be targeted again because she’s a Muslim.

In the Muslim culture, it is believed that Islam is the primeval faith as revealed by prophets including Abraham, Moses, Ishmael, and Jesus and that the Quran is the remaining unaltered revelation from God hence viewing Christians as heretics. Muslims also believe that Jesus was not the son of God, that he was only a messenger of God contrast to what Christians believe. These differences in beliefs have brought a lot of controversy in the world of religion.

The Christian belief in the Holy Trinity is viewed in the Islamic religion as a grave sin claiming that it is a division of God’s Oneness.

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