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Pip's Journey

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Deep Patel

Mrs. Maggs

Pre-IB English 2

16 January 2018

Coming of Age

Experiences in life are what lead to growth and development of a person and what they are like. When I was ten, I experienced the death of my grandmother. This event changed my view of life forever. This was the moment when reality really hit me and I became more serious about life. Another event that led me to develop as an adult faster was when my father was hospitalized for 3 months.

        My grandmother passing away really opened up my eyes to what an imperfect world we lived in. Being only ten years old at the time meant that I did not have any responsibilities or problems in my life. I was completely dependent on my parents for everything and when someone died I knew my whole life, I did not know how to handle it. This was a very unexpected event that occurred and it led me to change dramatically. I was changed in a way that I did not imagine, I became more mature and serious about life because the prospect of death had not touched my life at all until then and I realized that life isn’t always easy.

        Another event that pushed me from youth to adulthood was when I was thirteen and my dad was hospitalized for around 3 months. This event was especially scary for my family and I because there was a chance that he would not survive. This experience really opened up eyes more and I realized how tough life could be. The whole event led me to think about how I would be affected if one of my parents were to actually pass away. This forced me to mature very quickly and I tried to stay mentally prepared for the worst.

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