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The Great Gatsby

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  The novel The Great Gatsby is taking place in the 1920s  and the narrator Nick Carraway describes the life of Jay Gatsby in how he tries to regain the love he used to have with Daisy Buchanan. F.  Scott Fitzgerald uses geography as a motif to expose the development of the theme and the characterization throughout the novel.

    In the novel, Fitzgerald distinguishes the difference between West Egg and East Egg. “I lived at West Egg, the-well, the less fashionable of  the two..” (p.5) characters from West Egg had to work for their own money,  they also do not indulge into materialistic items. Characters that are from East Egg, inherited their money, people were born into money and did not have to work for it. For example, Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom were born with the money. The difference between  the two places, shows the difference in the characters also.

  Nick Carraway lives in West Egg, throughout the novel he shows that he is not obsess with money and also he is not focus in all the glamour and does not care for it also. West Egg describes Gatsby, like I stated before West Egg is “new money” and people there are known for going above and beyond. Gatsby is like West Egg because he throws huge parties and he likes to show off especially to Daisy.  The Valley of Ashes is a little place that separates the East Egg and West Egg. The Valley of Ashes describes George Wilson, because he is isolated and shows the decomposition of the American society.   

 Geography is developed in the theme of the American Dream because the American Dream is defined as having a lot of money, having the best car, living in big houses and having nice clothes. Gatsby is trying to love the American Dream, he has the big house and the money but one thing he is missing is the love that he has with Daisy. The West

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