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The Great Theft

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Friday is a sacred day for Muslims that’s why It was important for us to closely see and diagnose what Muslims do in this day.  So, going with our professor was a better way to explain things more.

The mosque, that me and my class went to, was a nice building that properly represent Islam through some verses of the Quran and the sayings of the prophet Mohammed that were in the walls.  I also noticed that the majority of people who attended that mosque were Pakistanis mainly through the way they were dressed and speak.  

The ‘Khutbah”, or the speech of the “Jumu’ah” as the Muslims call it, was about “charity”.  Giving the needy and help them is very important and recommended in Islam.  Everyone can help the others whatever situation they are in, because even smiling to people is a charity in Islam.  It was nice to be reminded of such good moral in a time full of selfishness and greed.  

Muslims there were listening attentively and without any interruption.  Everybody were dressed in a very modest and humble way; women in particular were covering all of their bodies with long dresses and their heads with hijab.  

When the “Khutbah” was done the “Imam” or the priest guided the Muslims in a short prayer by making certain ritual moves and reciting some verses from the Quran.  

Food and drinks were provided in the Mosque which is something that makes the Friday prayer day a good time of celebration.

After finishing the prayer and almost everybody left a lot of us still have some questions need to be clarified.  A young man, he appears to be a doctor later, stay with us for a while and answered our questions.  What I like about him is the way he was confident and somehow convincing with his logical answers.   

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