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The Meaning of Kmt

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Marsharel S

Áfram 30

The Meaning Of KMT

When I hear the word Kemet, I automatically picture black love, unity, and family. Kemet or Egypt as we may know it was the birthplace of the African American civilization. The northern and southern part of the land of egypt was brought together so that all the people could be together as one. This was a great thing to do because they all worked together and helped one another like family should do. In today’s world there isn’t much unity amongst African Americans. we don’t stick together like we should. If we all stood up for one another like they did in the old times then we could make some of the biggest changes in the world.

        Kemet ruled for nearly 3000 years until the were overruled by the Romans. The Romans tried to destroy KMT civilization and legacy and take all of the things that the black people had work so hard to build and make it their own. Although they did succeed with some things, the europeans studied KMT and made sure that their culture stayed alive, and that people knew who they were and what the people in kemet stood for. The europeans wanted everyone to know the impact that the people of KMT had made not only on the people in egypt and around but on people all over the world. They were the ones that made things that we know of today. White people have always taken things from blacks to make it seem like it’s theirs so I’m glad that the europeans took the time out to made sure that the black people of KMT legacy and everything stayed around so that everyone knew the truth and also so that all of the future civilizations had something to look back on and be proud of.         

        One of the things I thought was interesting was that people still looked at Kemet as being alienated and non existent compared to the rest of Africa. They were the ones who unified all of africa together and made everybody as one, so if anything they should be thanking them instead. Also the fact that some even believed that Greek-Roman civilization was around before the Egyptian civilization. One of the biggest similarities many people notice is the similarities between the Egyptian and Christian religion. The story of baby Jesus and the virgin mary is the white people stolen version of Ausar and his virgin mother. As the reading states, it’s clear that KMT was first with a lot of things and newer civilizations copied what they had already done.

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