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Workplace Ethics

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The judicial system in the United States is in desperate need of Christians with high ethic principles to take control of our courts. More Christian lawyers in our courts is one way of getting ethics into the judicial system. There are major controversial issues lawyers encounter when dealing with their clients and business in general.

Firstly, many people question if an honest lawyer can defend a guilty client. “t is true that a lawyer is expected to represent a client zealously within the bounds of the law, but the question may fairly be asked whether this relieves the lawyer of any moral obligation other than compliance with the law. Put more broadly, when a person acts in a capacity of a lawyer, is he relieved of the personal or moral responsibility for the consequences of his actions?”(Aronson). What would our court systems be like if every person was not represented equally? The lawyer’s duty is to present in a fair manner the case of his client and never turn into the judge. The lawyer when representing a case is not representing his personal beliefs in the truth of the case. Only evil would come from lawyers deciding on the truth of their client’s cases. Those clients whom were innocent would be forced to plead guilty or go on trial completely unrepresented. If a client were to prove himself uncooperative then the lawyer could withdraw from the case. However, even in such a case as this it is expedient that the lawyer do so in a fashion that would not damage the interest of the client.

Secondly, another problematic area would be a lawyer’s attitude to the judges, to the juries, and to the opponents.

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