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Congestive Heart Failure

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Betty Louidor  

Critical Appraisal exercise

1) The study vulnerable of potential benefits of the treatment outweigh the potential risk of the infant at birth. Preventing and diminished deformation make infant vulnerable to skull deformation to limitation in their mobility.  1b) Correcting mild positional head shape deformities in healthy infants with the cranial cup and the new revised standardized cranial cup model support. Randomized single blind study measure the safety and the feasibility and efficacity of the cranial cup. Education prevention may be emphasized parent to receive preventive counseling.

2)Potential risk inherent in this study for the subjects are brachycephaly, plagiocephaly scaphocephaly, dolichocephaly. Head shape deformities   are characterized as being unilateral or bilateral land are sometimes accompanied by ear misalignment , frontal bossing and asymmetrical  or distorted    

3(Evidence based management strategies with deformation plagiocephaly distinguished among various conservative strategies based of the age and the severity. Describe the aim of physical therapy for infant deformation and cranial molding.

4) Prevention and management of early signs of DP are best achieved in a primary care setting, with multidisciplinary management based on the needs of the child and the goals of the family. Cranial cup the head of child safe is made from cross-linked polyethylene form. It is designed to support the infants head end entire body in the supine and semi side lying position. Moderate management strategies such as repositioning, physical therapy, and cranial molding devices can safely and effectively minimize the degree of skull asymmetry when implemented in the first year of life

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