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Determining Gravity Three Different Ways

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Determining acceleration due to gravity by three methods

Purpose: To use three different methods to determine the acceleration due to gravity and see which is more accurate. Also to give us practical application and proof of the 9.8m/s/s law.

Materials: Eraser, Video, stop watch, 2M stick

Procedure: We measured 2M from the floor to a certain spot on the chalk board. Then we measured by hand with a stop watch how long it took for the eraser to hit the floor. In the video they used a ball and slow motion that slowed it down by nine times. They used a strobe light the second time but not the third. Also lines were drawn 10cm apart.

Observation: When Professor Miller dropped the eraser and attempted to time it by hand it wasn’t very accurate even though he received a decent time. When we timed the slow motion ball we received a more accurate time but the

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