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Identify the Positive or Negative Effects of Science on Food

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“Identify the positive or negative effects of science on food"

The fact that science has brought several positive inventions which improving our life. However, not every innovation is good things, for example, genetically modified organism foods. The argument about food modification has positive or negative effects will continue until scientists and public get an exact answer from long-term findings and researches. Nowadays, GMO foods are become more popular. GMO foods is the action to added one gene to an existing gene to give them the new characteristics. This essay will discuss about positive as well as negative impact of modified food.

There are numbers of advantage that people can gain from modified foods. Firstly, adaptability to new surrounding is one positive effect of science on food. Genetically modified food offer crops better health to withstand these harsh conditions and unexpected diseases. To instance, crop is modified to flood-resistant will be able bear and growing up better within flood condition comparing to the original gene. Therefore, better crops health to tolerant with different kinds of environment will minimize the risk of crop failure and give crop the longer shelf life. Secondly, some researches had show GMO food containing more nutritious because scientists are added vitamins and minerals to the seeds. For example, the new type fruit which is combination of tomato and pineapples, called “pink-pineapples” have been approval to US market because they are carried antioxidant which supporting human body to prevent cancer.

Although GMO food have several benefits, there are also many drawbacks which might harm consumers’ health.The first negative effect is GMO might cause the allergy risks. Some foods might react contradictory others led to the allergic on somebody's. Additionally, most foreign protein being added into organism without human eaten before or tested are the main cause. To illustrate, in 2000, modified corn was discovered that they are contain the special protein which hard to break down, that why this it have been banned. Furthermore, it must be note that GMO foods are the most common things that people use everyday such as eggs, milk, fish, wheat, soy and nuts. There are no evidences to ensure about the long-term impact on human health.    

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