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Impact of Aviation on the Global Atmopherer.Dissertation Proposal

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The air travel accounts for almost 11% of Europe’s GDP and 24 million jobs. Air travel is the most popular mode of travel for both UK residents travelling abroad and for overseas residents visiting the UK. In 2005, UK residents made a record 53.6 million visits by air, representing almost four-fifths of all visits abroad (Friends of The Earth, 2006). The aviation industry currently faces a lot of impediments due to growing impacts of climate change, local air quality, surface access conjunction and noise.

This report will elucidate the impact of aviation on global warming and how it needs to blow the trumpet even louder to highlight the advances it has made to combat against climate change.

Some of the gases in our atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, trap heat from the sun reflecting of the earth’s surface, keeping the earth warm. This is called natural green house gas effect. However human activities such as burning of fossil fuels are increasing the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere. These accidental gases are enhancing the green house effect which I know as global warming. The major green house gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen and water vapour.

Air travel is the world’s fastest growing source of green house gas like Co2, which contributes to climate change. Globally the worlds 16,000 commercial jet aircraft more than 600 million tonnes of Co2. The huge increase in aircraft pollution is largely due the rapid growth in air traffic which has been expanding at nearly two and a half times average economic growth rate since 1960.

The aviation

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