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Lotus Car Rental

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Lotus Car Rental has a research team on a special project; their assignment is to look up all the different types of alternative fuel. The company main concern is cost of the fuel and how accessible the fuel would be to their consumers. While Lotus Car Rental would like to be one of the first rental companies to add alternative fuel vehicles to their fleet, alternative vehicles most be cost efficient.

Types of Fuels

There are five different types of Alternative fuel; the most discussed is E85- 85% Ethanol with over 556 total fuel station across the country and the average gallon going for about $2.41 cents. (Laughlin, September 2005) The cost per gallon is one of the best prices across the market, but unless one live in Minnesota accessibility would be a problem. Minnesota currently accounts for 182 of the 556 total Ethanol fuel station across the country. The most accessible alternative fuel station is LPG- Propane with 2839 total fuel stations across the country, and 628 of those fuel stations coming from Texas. The average price across the country for a gallon of Propane is going for $2.56 cents. (Laughlin, September 2005)

Then we have

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