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Our Skeletal Bones - Caring for Your Bones

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We all have bones. Our skeletal bones give us the shape of our boy and posture. If we did not have bones then we would moving like jelly fishes. Our spine and leg bones allow us to stand erect. Our bones serve as shields and helmets of our soft body parts. The skull protects the brain, the spine supports the spinal column and the ribs cover our heart and lungs.

Our bones also work with our muscles, ligaments and tendons. The ligaments connect bones together and the tendons join the muscles to the bones. As a team, they all work to help us run, walk and move around.

Our bones are important to us so we need to be sure that we look after it. We should eat plenty of healthy food. These include dairy foods like milk and cheese which give calcium that our bones need. Get ample exercise and play sports and recreational activities like running, hiking and basketball. Always make sure that your bones and muscles are protected. Wear helmets, knee and elbow guards when skating or biking. Be careful of your back, observe proper posture when sitting and carrying objects.

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