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Personality Theories

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The psychoanalytic perspective involves the unconscious motives and childhood sexuality (the five stages oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital), and these factors are what influence our personality according to Freud. This type of perspective is accountable for the development of either introverted or extroverted personality, due to the fact that if an individual is somewhat aware of their actions, this could possibly mean that this individual hasn’t a lot of control over specific behaviors (greed and pride). This information is only apparently aware in the unconscious, this way making it possible for these types of behavior to emerge. Also another factor that could influence in the change of personality is if an individual becomes fixed to any of the psychosexual stages, meaning that this person’s pleasure-seeking energies stay directed in a specific stage. The consequence of this fixation is that it can change behavior that later on affects personality in a child’s development. In order to have a more extroverted personality an individual most of had their superego emit feelings greed or pride making this person more social. In the other hand if a person gives in to their id, the superego will emit feelings of guilt provoking a more introverted personality. Specifically, to the phallic (identifying with adult feelings towards family members) stage of the psychosexual stages, if a person becomes fixed during this stage they are more prone to develop an introverted personality (the individual may experience constant guilt).

The Humanistic perspective involved the inner capacities for growth of an individual and self fulfilment, and these factors according to this view is what influenced personality. This perspective is accountable for the development of either extroverted or introverted, due to the fact that each individual perceives themselves as they believe to be. This specific perspective doesn’t involve much outside influences, it confuses on self-esteem and the capability of the individual. A person that presents him/her self has being confident and capable, are indicated to have a extroverted personality, and those

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