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Physic Lab Report

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The purpose of the experiment was to measure and confirm the acceleration a is constant and a= 9.8 m/s2 due to gravity by timing a free-falling ball. Assumptions: There is no air resistance.

Acceleration x_f-x_0= v_oy+1/2.a.t^2

x-0=1/2 a.t^2

x= 1/2.a.t^2=>a=2x/t^2


Using a receptor pad to collect the table position vs time, with the height range 5cm to 120cm. The height is the distance from the pad to the ball. When dropping the ball, the time will automatically start and stop when it hits the pad. Record the value.


We measure the height from 5cm to 120cm with the time range from 0.1s to 0.4s. Based on all values we calculate the velocity and time average then make 4 graphs v(t), x(t2), x(t), x(t) using Excel and Data Studio. From there we can calculate the value of “a”, which is from 942 to 988 cm/s2. Therefore, we conclude acceleration is constant (a=981)

A graph of velocity versus time v(t), the graph trend is a line with the slope is near by 982 (v= 982t +3.6).

A graph of distance versus time square x=t^2, the graph trend is a line with the slope is near by 486 (x=486t^2).

A graph of distance versus time x(t), the graph trend with Excel is a half-parabola (x=494t^2); the graph trend with Data Studio is a half-parabola

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